Manuel The Band – Casual Love

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• Indie Alternative/Rock
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▶ Lyrics

• Casual Love

I’ve been told
That you’re just a wanderer
Come and go
Whenever you like

But you know that I know that
Your interest is pondering
Casual love between you and I

It crossed your mind
You’ve flattered the concept
Of you and I
Caught in your sheets

But when I see your eyes
Oxygen’s hard to breathe
Casual love a name for more in disguise

So go ahead and write me down oh in your heart
But I’m the type of love you write in pencil mark
And then in times when you’re alone you’ll go ahead
And erase my trace
Remember how you said it wasn’t worth the chase
‘Cause we were just casual
We were just casual, casual love

So tell me now you know where we’re going
Cause rules are rules aint no strings on these hearts
But who knows maybe you’d like
To stop all your wandering
And find yourself wanting more than we got.

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