Tom Speight – My Name

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▶ Genre
• Indie Folk
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▶ Lyrics

• My Name

You’re in my head, in my heart
The beat in every passing car
Look my way, be my song
Tell me I’m the lucky one
Staring at a empty screen
Dreaming of a movie scene
Should have known better

You can’t say my name
You can’t hideaway
You know Ill be there
Whenever you turn my way
Everything I want right now
You know I won’t turn you down
You hit me like a hurricane
Baby won’t you say my name
My Name

You’re in my arms, make me wait
Filling up all my days
You’re in my view, in my frame
In every polaroid I take
Staring as you walk right through
You’re the only girl in every room
Should have known better.

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