Coley Garratt – Ode to Daisy

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▶ Genre
• Indie Folk
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▶ Lyrics

• Ode to Daisy

Daisy, I’ve been thinking and you know thinking it is a sin
If they ask you, where your going, just tell them where it is you’ve been
Monday, through to Friday, I shelve those days as what must be
Still I try steal my mornings from these agents of misery

Daisy, you’re the weekend, that always gets me through
Daisy, you’re the mountain, I may never get over you, I may never get over you

Maybe I’m useless, just like a ribbon round a bomb
But when you take no prisoners, you know I really wouldn’t mind being one

Daisy, you’re the shadow, that sinks into the bones
Daisy, you’re the night train, that I take all alone, that I take all alone


Daisy, you’re the picture of what I thought life could be
Now Daisy, I’m your letter, so come on deliver me, so come on deliver me.

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